Our Counseling Staff

Donnie Witt
School Counselor
6th Grade A - I
7th Grade

Trish Woller
School Counselor
6th Grade J-Z
8th Grade

Terry Lawson-Roppolo
School Counselor Administrative Associate

Course Descriptions 2019-2020
  Our counseling program is designed to encourage optimal educational, personal and career development. Working with adolescents, we understand that Peasley students are facing many physical, social and emotional changes. School counselors work in partnership with students, teachers and parents in order to promote school success both academically and socially.

  In addition, counselors will work with students in planning for their futures by developing Academic and Career Plans (ACP’s) for all seventh graders.  Please see the links listed below to become familiar with the ACP Template and to review a sample ACP.
Student Work Permits
NEW PROCEDURE - Child Labor Permit Process - NEW PROCEDURE
The school system no longer has an active role in the Child Labor Permit Process. Please check out the Department of Labor and Industry's website for detailed instructions on the new process.

Frequently asked questions regarding Child Labor.