Peasley Pride Peasley Updates 2/24/23 Blue and Gold Peasley Logo

February 24, 2023

Happy Friday to our Peasley Families!

We hope that everyone has been able to enjoy the beautiful weather that has come through our lovely town this week! There are many updates needing to be shared with you. Please see below:

1. Tonight, Friday, February 24th will be our 6th grade Activity Night. We ask that when dropping off your student, please pull all the way up to our mailbox at the end of the bus loop. During pick up at 8:30, students with the last name ending A-J will be picked up in the Parent loop (which we ask you to loop into the Bethel bus loop). Students with the last name ending K-Z will be picked up in the bus loop, again, pulling all the way up to the mailbox. We are attempting to keep our lines off of Hickory Fork Road and/or Ark Road. Please see the attached flyer as well.

2. We now have designated tables for parents who wish to enjoy lunch with their student. We enjoy having our parents come to eat lunch with our middle schoolers but a parent must only eat with their student, no additional friends. We also ask that food only be brought for your student, no additional students. We welcome each of you because we know as our students get older, eating lunch with a parent is less desirable by teens. 

3. Please assist us in allowing students to only bring water in their bottles to drink throughout the day. We discourage and ask that students not bring any form of coffee, sodas or energy drinks. Thank you for helping us to instill healthy options! We do have two water refilling stations in our building. 

4. As mentioned, the weather is warming up! Please assist us in making sure your student is coming to school adhering to our dress code. Pajama pants, crop tops showing the mid drift, cleavage bearing tops and shorts that are not an appropriate length will be asked to cover up with a jacket or call home for a change in clothing. 

5. Next week, we will engage in a lockdown DRILL. Admin will reach out again the night before the drill. We are required to conduct a lockdown drill at marked times in the school year. Our drills are critical to practice with our staff and students. 

6. Yearbooks are still on sale! One can purchase a yearbook for $35.00. Please see the attached flyer for more information. 

7. It isn't too late to support our PTA's current fundraiser! Please see the Peasley PTA Facebook Page for more details. It is an easy way to raise money for our school. Families/community pick a date on the calendar and pay for that date! Ex. Choose Feb. 24th and pay 24 dollars. Your support is greatly appreciated!

7. Lastly, our 8th grade Writing SOL testing is nearing quickly! Our 8th grade teachers are preparing each student for these days. The short paper will be written on March 21st and the multiple choice portion will be assessed on March 22nd. More information to come to our 8th grade parents. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with our families and students. We strive to support our students not only academically but emotionally, socially and behaviorally. Our teachers, support staff and administration are always here to assist you in any way we can help. We hope you have an enjoyable weekend! 


Ms. Cathy Balderson